CMB Artworks

cmb artworks

My names Jim Bushell and my partners name is Ally Adamson together we run CMB.
CMB is named after my 2 children Cameron and Maddie Bushell.
A while ago I started CMB Artworks but always been just a hobby for us both being honest.

It’s only very recently I have started going full time as my health took a turn for the worse and had to give up my old job of 14 years and decided lifes to short and start doing what I love full time.


If you would like us to paint or draw you a picture use the contact form below to make an enquiry or book in a commission

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What services do we offer?

We mostly specialise in Motorsport artwork,  offering various services from commission work, artwork for sale, to art murals done for fans, drivers, sponsors.

We have also recently branched out doing lots of other artwork as well from local scenery to pet portraits.

Alot of the artwork created is done from my own photos taken at various meetings, but we also have agreements with top motorsport photographers to use there images for ref pics so we have a great catalogue of images to choose from for your own special piece.

All artwork we do is never repeated so if you have a piece from us rest assured its a one off (but we do ltd edition A4 prints of each piece, either plain, laminated or framed)